I plan to start writing and publishing online again. For the past 12 years, this has been an endeavor that I will pick up for a month or so then fizzle out. That has been based on life and my current place in it. Right now I am feeling more confident about what I’d like to write about, and can continue writing about when I don’t feel like writing.

I was planning to do all of this on WordPress, which is what I have done in the past in many different iterations and domain names. I have also experimented with Medium, but get “corporate” vibes that I’m not really a fan of. Then, I went down a rabbit hole and found

Rabbit hole -> listening to the Mac Power Users podcast again -> getting back into using Omnifocus for task/project management -> using scripts from @curt to do things in OF -> noticing in his sidebar -> and here I am.

So now I am stuck figuring out where to publish. Or, more accurately, what to use to publish. I am leaning towards using entirely: for the short thoughts and the longer “essays.” Borrowing from @brentsimmons:

It was well-understood that blogging is provisional, is thinking-out-loud. It was the flow of life-on-the-web. Not everything was an essay.

When Twitter came along we collectively decided that this kind of thing was Twitter’s jurisdiction — that these are just tweets.

But why should we agree that Twitter, or any company, owns an entire form of writing for the web?

So that is all. This is me thinking out loud. I think I’ll give blogging a go again, and settle in with using for all of that, short and long.

Aaron Aiken @aa