The iPhone 11 and iPhones 11 Pro

Daring Fireball:

There’s also a shortcut that not many people know about, but when you show it to them, their minds are blown: with 3D Touch iPhones, you can 3D Touch and hold anywhere on the keyboard (that is to say, keep your thumb or finger pressed on the keyboard) and the keyboard turns into a virtual trackpad for moving the insertion point around any text editing field, exactly like moving a mouse pointer. With non-3D Touch devices (including iPads), you can still do this, but you can’t press anywhere on the keyboard to initiate it — you have to press-and-hold on the spacebar. I picked up this shortcut years ago and it long ago became second nature to me. It took me a few days to get used to having to start by pressing on the space bar. It’s a small regression in the user experience.

An iOS shortcut I use daily and am happy to see it is not disappearing completely with the removal of 3D Touch.

The iPhone 11 Camera is app is very different, but I took to it right away. It feels less like an app and more like a camera. It’s just great software.

I am also really looking forward to the camera (I ordered the 11 Pro Max).

Aaron Aiken @aa