Ten things I learned this week, ending Sunday, September 22, 2019

  1. The exhaust fans need to be turned on to exhaust things, and where those switches are located is also good to know.

  2. They have seasonal hours, closing at 9pm on Friday instead of 10pm. Would have been good to know, as an event I had there was scheduled to run until 9:30. Happy to know now!

  3. People are generally afraid to try new things.

  4. It is easy to convey urgency, but difficult to have urgency shared by others if it does not directly impact them.

  5. The Spotted Lanternfly is actually a thing and is something that I need to take seriously while out and about. Found a bunch of them (dead) outside of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

  6. Back in the day the Pennsylvania Railroad equipped their steam engines with more coal than they could actually use before the water would run out. So, in theory (or not), they were hauling dead weight.

  7. Turning a hobby into something you are paid to do isn’t always a good idea.

  8. The routine that a male Western Parotia goes through in order to attract a mate is absolutely amazing. And crazy. (First learned about the routine while watching episode 3 of Our Planet on Netflix (beginning at the 11:30 mark).

  9. Nature takes care of its own.

  10. Not new, but worth noting as I was reminded of it again this week: there is a reason for everything. Absolutely everything.

Aaron Aiken @aa