Work. Legos. iPhone. Trains. Hiking. and more legos.

Dear Diary for week ending Sunday, September 22, 2019


In the forties (Faranheit) when I woke up, Autumn is eager to be official. Worked from home and saved a toad from what would have been a very dry death. Phenomenal salad for lunch with ingredients from our garden, which is late to provide this year. Worked late into the evening in the humidor.


Cold morning again but managed to get out for a walk with Mozzie before the day started its typical pace of insanely fast. Unintentionally wore an Adidas outfit head to toe. Very comfortable. Took work outside for pet of the afternoon and enjoyed a new to market cigar while continuing to chip away at my todo list (which I am beginning to migrate more of into the Apple Reminders app).


Walked again this morning. Fast work day. Conference calls in the afternoon. Humidor work in the evening. Prepped for Friday’s event, a routine that needs to stick (preparing early). Got to bed earlier than usual as I had to rise early the next day for a meeting in the city.


No walk. Drove to the office for the first time in a while. Had two meetings, both of which could have been emails. Back home in time for lunch. Mozzie has his second ice skating lesson and seems to be catching on quickly, and enjoys it! Early family dinner out and a target run for Mozzie to pick out a lego set to buy with his allowance money. Spent the evening watching him build and play. Early to bed again, early meeting the next day.


No walk again. Meeting at the coffee shop across the street from my office building. A meeting that could most definitely be an email, but I guess the face to face time is good in this instance. Home again for lunch, then did some prep work for the event later. Then the iPhone 11 Pro Max delivery happened and all productive work was tossed aside. But then I had to run out the door to set up for our Friday night event at the lounge. The weather was nice that evening, so not too many folks stopped by to smoke cigars inside. Everyone is taking as many evenings outside as possible. Winter Is Coming.


Lindsay is out of town today and tomorrow so it is just me and Mozzie. A guy weekend! So we did nothing all morning. He watched tv and I sipped through many cups of coffee while tinkering with my new iPhone. Then we got our act together and spent the afternoon at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. We had an incredible time there. I’m still amazed at the size of the trains, and what they accomplished early on! This will be a repeat trip in the future. Quick stop for groceries on the way home, then popcorn and pizza for dinner :-)


Breakfast of doughnuts 🍩 and eggs 🍳. Another surprise trip to Target for Mozzie to get another LEGO set. He is now on a mandatory spending freeze until at least the end of November! Spent lunch and early afternoon putting it together before Lindsay returned from her trip. Then we all packed into the car to head out to Little Buffalo State Park for a late afternoon hike. Squeezed in 2 miles before calling it quits. Beautiful day to be out, and I guess the last day of Summer. Cannot believe that. Subs and pizza for dinner and Newport. Talked about RVing on our way home. A dream we have had for at least fifteen years. Evening of more legos before the bedtime routine. Not quite ready for another week to begin, but the work and time spent working will pay off in the near term.

Aaron Aiken @aa