📓 Dear Diary (week ending Sunday, September 29, 2019)


⛅️ The mornings this week were all typical for this time of year, but once the afternoon hit Summer temps came back into the forecast. I didn’t complain, but everyone else in this area seemed to. They all prefer Spring and Fall, tolerating Winter only because it isn’t Summer. I tend to complain during every season except Summer, but am setting a goal now to not complain about the weather ever. I want to do a better job of enjoying every single day regardless of where the sun is and how hot or cold it may be. Rain or shine I want to appreciate it all!

🎂 16th birthday party for my niece tonight. I remember holding her when she was just a few months old. Incredible how quickly time goes by!


💨 Cigar event in the lounge tonight. I thought it went well, but I determined that this part of the cigar industry is not for me. I have tried writing about it, talking about it, and now am in the retail end with online and brick and mortar sales. None of it is for me. But this is ok. I am learning. I’ll try to remain where I am through the end of the year so I can at least make a clean break (as far as the calendar is concerned).


😡 Snapped. Left the humidor early and may not last much longer. Plan to give it until the end of the year and hopefully transition to plan c beginning in January of 2020. Some things just aren’t meant to be, and I never want to be someone who forces that which need not be forced.


☔️ Rained today and I was ok with that.


😌 Took the day off today. From everything. No cigar work. No day job work (well maybe just a little). After taking Mozzie to a playground he was picked up by my mom, so then Lindsay and I could start out “staycation”. We decided to leave though, making our way out to Lancaster to do some shopping and then dinner before ending the night with cigars at a local cigar shop. It was a great evening full of uninterrupted conversation.


🧳 Up early today, for a Saturday, as we want to be on the road to Washington DC as soon as we can. We stop once for a coffee refill but otherwise make great time and catch the 10:30 metro 🚇 into the city. We get off just south of the National Mall so we can grab a quick bite to eat at L’Enfant Plaza. Once fueled we make our way to all of the sights, doing a great job, if I may say so, at seeing most of the big ones before catching the 3:30 train back to our car. We had a great day exploring and look forward to heading back to DC soon. It is too close to stay away for very long.


💭 We walked a total of seven miles while in DC so rest was needed today. I was in my head a lot, trying to figure out a few things. One big thing is that my plan b isn’t going to work as I had expected or hoped. So I am currently trying to figure out what will replace it. I need it to produce an income rather quickly and prove to work long term. Not an easy thing to do. But my idea is something I have come back to again and again over the past twelve years. Now may be the time to actually give it a go. Otherwise, concluded the day by running a few reports for my day job and then watching Cars 2 with my family. First time for Mozzie and I to see it and I think we both enjoyed it very much!

Aaron Aiken @aa