📓 Dear Diary for week ending Sunday, October 6, 2019


😕 Unmotivated start to the week, unfortunately. I am constantly at a adjusting and making decisions, do I go left or right? My decision, as with all decisions, will have an impact now and in the future. Need to make a decision this week.


Cannot recall this day. Photos and calendar tell me nothing either.


🎥 Lindsay and I revived our YouTube channel. Not sure why, but we did. Finished the night with cigars and wine 🍷. Felt good to create content together and then unwind.


💭 Made up my mind about continuing to work at the lounge or not. Will stop effective 11/1, probably sooner. Felt good to reach the decision. Focusing on finding remote part-time freelance work in IT. Found 6 realistic options to apply to. Goal is extra income each month towards this goal. Watched Mozzie ice skate ⛸ today and took him to Get Air in the evening. His face beams when he is on the ice!


🕰 Fast work day, cold morning. Even colder evening later as it went as low as 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Work went well, additional processes are being thrown my way which is good for me. Went into the office for two meetings. Parked myself at the coffee shop all morning and early afternoon. Found out that my ITIL instructor passed away on Tuesday. He was also the owner and founder of the coffee shop. He was only 43. Definitely gave me a bit of a jolt, found it hard to focus. Cigar event in the evening. Ready for that work to be done. The owner only partially paid me for work done in September. Not to mention the pay is not what we originally agreed to to begin with. Will do one more event for him that I previously committed to and then I am done. Unfortunate, but necessary. I will not allow my time to be taken for granted.


🥾 Ran errands and otherwise lost sight of the day. Went hiking later in the afternoon with my brother and sister in-law. Watched Toy Story that evening, which Mozzie enjoyed! Stayed up late with a second Manhattan and watched General Magic. Phenomenal documentary. They were just way ahead of their time. Everything they wanted to do with technology eventually came to be, just years after they first attempted.


🌧 Cloudy with rain all day today but that didn’t stop Mozzie and I from going on our morning and afternoon walks. Got hooked on Mini Motorways from Apple Arcade. Hooked. I live a good strategy game. Another family movie 🍿 night. This time Despicable Me 2.

Aaron Aiken @aa