Things I want to write about but haven't gotten to yet

  • my current use of Drafts
  • being so excited about getting an Apple Watch
  • the past year and some of the lessons learned
  • some of my most used Shortcuts
  • adding more automation to my home
  • watching Mozzie ice skate
  • the process of learning (based on observations from the previous item)
  • voting
  • working from home (I have made it back)
  • taking time to make a decision - slowing down
  • the balance of living now but preparing for later
  • the ever present challenge of being present
  • cutting ties with negativity
  • trusting my gut

And then there are other types of things I want to write and publish. The ever-present link post with a line or two of commentary above or below a block of text from the linked post. I want do this for myself because sometimes after reading something I want to save it with a few comments of my own (for reference or otherwise) and publishing this to my blog is a great way, I think, to save it for later but also share widely (ish) at the same time. Just need to figure out the quickest and most efficient way to do this.

Writing and publishing more, that’s what I want to do now that I have the time to do so.

Aaron Aiken @aa