A literal copy and paste from my journal entry today where I start to flesh out what to do next, with a focus on my passion for writing

I’m glad I am not spending any time on anything “productive” or meant for monetary gain. It is nice to do things for the love and art of doing them. Makes me really nervous about starting up with a particular idea I’ve had and planned to start in the new year. Should I take a less direct approach to things and just follow a passion to see where it goes, if anywhere? I have been so direct and purposeful with my “side hustles” (for lack of a better term) that maybe it is time now to just do me and see what happens…should I stop forcing it? Or is that a form of giving up?

I do think I need to remain focused on writing. It is something I have always wanted to “do” but have always been torn away from in some way. And I think that is telling…there is something trying to keep me away from writing…and so maybe this time around I just ignore whatever pulls I have on my life to do other things and remain focused on writing.

As I have said to myself many times before today: I am a writer.

“Writer” was the occupation I chose way back in elementary school, and was something I actually excelled at as far as my education was concerned. From elemtary school all the way through the few years wasted at a University, every teacher and professor would say that I was a great writer. Even that one time last year when I attempted to write a business plan. I wrote the thing, and had a local business advisor take a look at it. His review: “You are a great writer. This is a terrible business plan, but an incredible story. Share this with your family and friends but don’t take it to the bank.”

I need to identify as a writer first and always.

And in order to be a writer I need to write every day. My “job” then will be showing up daily to write.

“But, what are you going to write?” My inner critic asks.

“I have no idea, but I’ll start by writing about that and see where it takes me.”

Aaron Aiken @aa