The strange reality of having time

I am in the midst of experiencing something crazy, and something I personally have not experienced in a very long time: the feeling of having time. Time to think, time to do things that need doing, time to process, time to learn, time to write, time to be with my family, and time to refresh personally.

From July of 2010 to October of 2019 I was on an unintentional mission of “finding myself”. I don’t like the sound of that, but I’m not sure how else to sum it up in a few words. It was a time of trial and error, long days, lots of failure, and, ultimately, lessons learned. I failed at just about everything I tried, but at the end of it all I did “find myself”.

In that time I went from business owner to barista to future Embry-Riddle student (never actually attended) to future youth pastor (never actually became one) back to business owner to dad to business analyst to Continual Service Improvement manager (my current job and longest stint, just passing six years in December). Unsatisfied during most of that I usually spent evenings trying different things to “escape” from the the boredom of my days.

Now, in 2020, turning a year older and a tad bit wiser, I have come full-circle to where I left off in 2009. I have gone back mentally to a time before chasing ideas, dreams, and money and am resting solely in my passions and talents. An unexpected side-effect of this, one among many, is an unusual amount of “free” time. Time that was otherwise spent on a hustle of some kind can now be spent on things I actually care about.

This feeling and reality is weird for me, but I am slowly getting used to this type of life.

Aaron Aiken @aa