First Vlog Episode Published: Dreamer Doer 001: I guess I'm Starting a Vlog

I guess I'm starting a vlog! Join me as I drive home from work and discuss the business I am starting designed towards helping me leave the rat race (my full-time job) and becoming a full-time business owner. New episodes will be published weekly!

The Beauty of 4:30 in the morning

I haven't really reached any level of success just yet, but when I do, I will attribute most of it to getting up early (4:30 am). Especially now, as I am in ramp of mode of multiple businesses, a full time job, and a family, 4:30 am allows me time to write, process life, and work before anyone else even considers waking up.  

The video below shares some of the same thoughts.  

Are you an early riser? 

Free Download - 2016 Reflection and Writing Prompts

If you are like me, December is a month of making memories and reflecting. I tend to treat the entire month of December as an opportunity to reflect on the previous 11 months in order to set goals for the coming new year. So, in that spirit, I created a simple reflection and writing guide for you to use. It offers you an opportunity to look back at the past year, with a new focus each day in December (starting a few days behind since I am sharing this on the 5th).

The exercise is simple. Download the image file linked below and save it to your computer, or print it. Then, each day, whenever you have time, look at the prompt for that day’s date, and simply write down the thoughts that come to mind when you think about, say, “family” in 2016. Write down your thoughts, reflect, and think about your goals “family”, or whatever the topic is, in 2017.

2016 Reflection and Writing Prompts

I’m giving this away for free, and without asking for your email address. ’Tis the season :-)

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I hope you enjoy this exercise!

Now I Just Feel Like a Terrible Parent

To be more precise, I feel like a terrible dad. yuqwzt3c7yk-nomao-saeki

I wrote yesterday about how being a parent sucks. And I stand by that. It does, for so many different reasons. One of them being that sometimes what you, the parent, think is the right thing to do turns out to be the exact opposite and is the worst thing you could do.

Well, maybe not the worst, but it is in that general area of things.

Yesterday was Sunday. Which means rushing around the house to leave so that we get to church before the service ends. Due to this rushing, Sunday mornings typically lead to conflict of somekind with Mozzie.

Which is exactly what happened yesterday.

One more thing to set the stage.

I have this thing about my things.

I have them in a certain place and don’t want them to be moved from that place unless I am the one doing the moving.

Mozzie, being a three year old boy who loves everything about life, thinks that my things are awesome (even if they are just books).

His feelings about my things, and my feelings about my things, do not mesh well.

So with the Sunday Morning Rush, and the Don’t Touch My Stuff attitude I have towards my nightstand, in mind…let’s proceed.

I jump out of the shower. Quickly get dressed, mold my hair, apply cologne and other things to produce a positive scent, and rush out of the bathroom into our bedroom…

My nightstand looks like it has been robbed.

The cabinet door is hanging open, and the drawer is pulled out.

My Field Notes notebooks are scattered on the floor. Not good. Don’t touch my Field Notes.

I look in the bottom cavity of the nightstand where I keep a few books and see that it is emptied entirely except for a few bed sheets.

I take a few deep breaths and walk out of the room.

Mozzie is in our family room with my books. He is lining them up on the coffee table, muttering something about a library.

I walk over, and without a single word, collect all of the books and walk away.

He bursts into tears and I tell him not to touch my things (number one), and (number two) that he needs to focus on getting his pants on so we can go to church.

Fast forward 10 hours or so.

I find out from my lovely wife that Mozzie wanted to play pretend library with me. Not only that, he rummages though my things because he wants to be like me. He doesn’t do it to disobey or be annoying, she said. He is just using his imagination.


Remove my stomach and toss it to the dogs.

Cut out my heart and stomp on it.

What an a**hole parent I am.

I felt terrible. And of course he was already in bed for the night, with burns on his hands from the stove incident earlier in the day.

So here’s what I plan to do: when he wakes up this morning I am going to apologize profusely for being the worst parent ever. I am also going to tell him he can go through my nightstand whenever he wants to (I may have removed a few things permanently that I don’t want him touching). And finally, I want to play pretend library with him before I leave for work this morning.

And the big take away for me, and maybe for you if you can relate to anything above, is to just freaking relax and gain some perspective about things before reacting. This is advice Lindsay gave me last night after telling me what Mozzie was really doing with the books.

She said, “Before you freak out, ask him what he is doing.”

Ok. Can do. And will do.

Now I just need to get my stomach and heart back.

Thanks for the Terrible Weekend

Writing Prompt: Write a thank-you note for a weekend visit where everything went wrong. Dude,

Last weekend. Don't worry about it. We all had a blast even though the dog decided to shit on the coats. We got a big laugh out of it, especially when we piled into your golf cart to that fancy French restaurant. And really. I know that you wanted to pay for dinner but completely understand that you had to get cash out first to pay the waitress for what happened last time. What happened then anyways? Topic for another time I guess.


Another Week in the Books

This week (mostly the weekend) in photos and a video. I hope your weekend was relaxing! Get ready to rock 'n roll this week :-) [wpvideo 4iYAimfC]