Welcome to The Finer Grinds

The Finer Grinds was born because Aaron decided to give this site, which he has had since 2005, a clear purpose. That purpose did not include the things that are included here (coffee, cigars, micro-brews, and other things). So, in an effort to keep the readers of his original website happy he created this one (which is oh so easy with WordPress) so that anyone interested in following his random pictures, thoughts, and other such things can do so here. This is basically Aaron unfocused and unfiltered.

Aaron is husband to Lindsay (who practices massage therapy in Hershey, PA), dad to Lucy, and a full-time student at Liberty University Online. He also writes and publishes articles that are related to theology, church history, and the Bible. If you have any sort of interest, small or large, in the Bible, head over here and subscribe via email to get the latest articles in your inbox. You won't be disappointed.