Writing just Write, or to Create Something Beautiful?

Moleskine Notebook Fellow blogger Veronica, who is also participating in the Post a Day challenge, questioned the practice of this challenge. She asks, "Is it the exercise of doing it daily that is important, or the quality of the posts?" This is something that I have struggled with, not necessarily here, but more with my habit of writing in my journal every morning.

I tend to get stuck in ruts. I write about what I did that day, or the previous day. Mention the weather, blah blah blah. I'll do this for a week and look back and see nothing but a recounting of my days. Nothing inspiring or awesome.

I believe the value in journaling every day is in the act of getting pen to paper; actually making my hand move across the page. I don't intend to write anything profound when I journal. I enjoy writing in my Moleskine and especially enjoy using my Pelikan M200 fountain pen. But sometimes, maybe once every two weeks, I'll write something in my journal that is good. Not great, because my hand writing is sloppy, but just good. Sometimes even profound. And I know that all the crap I wrote before that entry is what eventually made me write that one good post.

So, I guess the way I look at it is kind of like a wood carving. I have a block of wood and my tools. Each day I carve here and there. At the end of each day it still looks like a block of wood, but as time passes, and I am diligent in my daily work on the wood block, the block of wood turns into something beautiful. A work of art. It wasn't the last day that made it look beautiful, but every single day leading up to that final carving.

Make sense? Any thoughts?