Does Technology Help Me Write?

As one who tinkers with a lot of technology this is not an easy question to answer. To answer it, I need to think for a moment about the craft of writing... Does Technology Help Me Write?

Okay. I'm back. No - technology does not help me write. Technology is merely a tool that allows me to capture my thoughts in their written form. Like the pen and paper are used to capture my thoughts and transform them into the written word on a page, so is any piece of technology (thinking computer, iPhone, iPad when I use that word) to my writing.

What helps me write is coffee; a comfortable chair; silence; and the determination to do it. Then, once I have a comfortable writing environment, I use either my Pelikan M200 fountain pen and Moleskine, my iPhone, my iPad (using iA Writer - a focused writing tool for your Mac or iPad like you've never seen before), or my MacBook to capture my thoughts into the written word.

How about you? What helps you write? What tools do you use to capture your thoughts?