The Plight of Preaching in Central PA (and the rest of America, I assume)

For the past three months my wife, a close friend of ours, and I have visited a different church each Sunday. This is not a fortunate circumstance, but one must make the most of every situation, even if it can be negative. One thing that I have found as a common denominator among all of the churches we visited in Central PA is that the preaching lacks a lot of things (relying on Scripture is number one, lacking passion comes in a close second). From the topical preaching at its worst, using the pulpit as a platform to promote the speaker's personal agenda, and everything in-between.

If this is something I am noticing in Central PA I am sure that this problem is also evident in other cities in America. I have a lot of writing projects in the pipeline for, and I am adding a project that will explore what preaching is and what it isn't. Subscribe here so that you don't miss it.